Luc Deleu/T.O.P. Office at Stroom Den Haag

Valiz just published the book Luc Deleu – T.O.P. Office. Orban Space, edited by Wouter Davidts, Guy Châtel and Stefaan Vervoort, which aims to provide a thorough theoretical and critical reflection on one of the most important and consistent architectural and artistic oeuvres produced in Belgium since the 1960s, that of Luc Deleu and his T.O.P. Office. The book is part of more ample research project into Deleu, initiated by Wouter Davidts at the VU Amsterdam. Other results are an online database of Deleu’s projects and a five-day masterclass at Stroom in Den Haag. The book will be presented together with an exhibition that will be shown at Stroom in January 2013 and Extracity in Antwerp in March.

The book is organized around seven thematic sections: Imitation, Architecture, Sculpture, Mobility, Scale, Depiction and Manifesto, which each occasioned a critical text and a visual essay by a different author or artist. Maarten Delbeke, leader of our research team, authored the text on architecture.

The book will be launched on 30 November at Stroom, The Hague.


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