Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference launched

Cover JLGC-01The past few months Linda Bleijenberg, PhD candidate in our research project, has been collaborating in a project designed to publish selected papers delivered at the biennial graduate conference, organized at our research institute LUCAS. The result is the Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference (JLGC): an annual, peer-reviewed journal, published in Open Access by Leiden University Library. It not only offers an opportunity to publish for the speakers at the conference, but also provides LUCAS-affiliated PhD researchers with a chance to acquire and develop a range of academic skills, including editing, peer reviewing and digital publishing.

The first issue of the journal, published online February 2013, explores the theme of ‘Europe’ from a variety of perspectives. Of some interest to our project is the article by Katie Billotte, ‘A view from the South: Defining Europe in Latin America’, in which she discusses the influence that French primitivism had on Latin American art and literature. Another article by Kerstin Stamm, entitled ‘United in Diversity? Cultural Heritage and the Image of a Common European Cultural Identity’, discusses the establishment of the European Heritage Label and the problems it encountered -and still encounters – in trying to gather European monuments of various kinds under one umbrella.


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